DEAD LOVE CLUB is an electro dance rock band from Austin, Texas that melds elements of electrotrash, funk, 80's new wave, old school hip hop and punk into their constantly evolving sound.  

Featuring vocalist and band mastermind JOHNNY X, Dead Love Club was formed in early 2006 in the dirty back streets of Red River in the heart of downtown Austin.  

The band also consists of the shredding mastery of guitarist KRISS ST. KRISS (Bang/Dirty Wormz) and is currently rounded out by the swaggering rhythm section of MICHAEL ANAYA on bass (Sabrosa Union) and PAUL VALENZ on drums. 

Dead Love Club released their debut Chronic Electronic in the summer of 2012 and have finally wrapped up recording their long-awaited upcoming album Looking For Some Action.  

Stay tuned to deadloveclub.com for the latest news on the new release and many more upcoming show dates!